Ban Tai beach is protected by a long stretch of coral reef that creates a perfect kiting area for all levels of kiteboarders. Kiters can feel confident and safe while improving their skills. Strolling up and down the coastline to practice upwind and downwind is very enjoyable with amazing scenery.

For beginner kiteboarders, flat shallow water will provide a safe learning environment. We break down our teaching techniques into small steps of exercise for our students. Once the students have mastered each skill, getting on board is very simple. Full course graduates will be able to kitesurf safely with confidence. We concentrate on one student at a time.

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On Koh Phangan

Kite Buggy in Hin Kong

3 months of the year, we have low tide and Hin Kong beach provides a perfect sand area for land kiting. Period: June, July & August

Rider Skill Level:
On Koh Phangan

East Wind is Haad Rin Beach

When the wind comes more EAST then it will make Haad Rin beach a fun playground for kitesurfer. The bay has 2 tall mountains on each side which funnel the wind like a tunnel.

Rider Skill Level:
On Koh Phangan

Malibu Beach in Chaloklum

NE wind comes around November to Early January. We take 20 minutes to drive to the north part of the island, Chaloklum bay. We launch from Malibu beach, kite behind the reef for flat water and enjoy the big waves by the pier. Period: Nov, Dec & early Jan

Kiter Skill Level:
Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

Vella Island Downwinder

Amazing one day downwind trip with Kitesurfing Lanka to Vella island Breeze Trip: June 1st to 10st

Rider Skill Level: